About Us: WBENC Certification

Our Diversity Initiative

Diversity is essential to DeltaForce Legal and our core values. We actively seek out diversity partners in our business relationships and support the growth of other WBEs across multiple industries, including our colleagues in the staffing industry. Our WBENC Certification is a designation we are proud of.

Diversity Benefits

Contributing to the success of WMBEs produces a multitude of benefits. Our clients benefit from the ability to take advantage of the tremendous value-added services of a truly creative and responsive diverse business provider. The community benefits because as we grow MWBE relationships, so does the opportunity for creating jobs and improving the area's general quality of life.

Procurement professionals will find DeltaForce Legal Staffing to be a valued addition to their own diversity initiatives, and an excellent opportunity for diversity spend in human resources and staffing.

Video: Learn More About WBENC

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