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OnePoint is a web-based technology that gives clients access to real-time staffing spend, performance metrics and customized reporting. Our system allows for multiple methods of time capture, including candidate web-portal entry and on-site time clocks for live punches. Although OnePoint is a powerful and feature-rich system, its interface is simplistic and easy to use; the learning curve is minimal and users can take advantage of the benefits immediately.

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Go Paperless

Tracking time submissions and approvals for contract attorneys can become complicated and time consuming. Paper timesheets need the appropriate signature before being scanned or faxed back the staffing agency. This manual process can create delays that effect the candidate's pay and the firm's invoices. Individual paper timesheets also make it difficult to track time approval by project or review, and offer no easy way for the firm to see spend on contract staffing.

A Better Solution

OnePoint solves these issues by offering firms a complete web-based, paperless solution to contract time management. No more waiting on physical signatures, scanning and faxing. Instead, all time submissions and time approvals happen instantly through a secure web portal. Our time clock options guarantee accurate invoicing and reporting by capturing live punches. We even offer security features like biometrics and photo matching to eliminate the possibility of forgeries.

Customized, Self-Service Reporting

In addition to offering easy and accurate time management, OnePoint also gives clients instant access to their staffing spend per project, per skill, or for a specific client matter number. OnePoint also allows clients to rate candidate performance and run performance metrics.

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OnePoint Benefits

  • Completely web-based and accessible anywhere
  • Multiple methods of time capture including biometric time clocks
  • Multiple methods of time approval including email, voice and text
  • Individual or group time approval
  • Instant access to staffing spend on document reviews or projects
  • Customized reporting
  • Accurate invoicing




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